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Handmade in Thailand, the Triumph United Tiger 1 Series is the ultimate in Muay Thai training equipment. The slim design that fits to your hand and forearm make this glove easy to control and super comfortable while striking.

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Who knew the “Clown Prince of Crime”, Gotham’s eternal trickster was a Nak Muay? We at Triumph United did. The Joker would have never risen to the top of the criminal food chain with out his Muay Thai skills. We worked a deal out with him and collaborated on this exclusive Green/Purple color way. Hopefully this doesn’t go sideways on us.

Developed and handmade in Thailand, the Triumph United Tiger 1 series is the ultimate in Muay Thai training equipment. Our pro Muay Thai gloves offer a perfect fit in the hand cage, vented palms, and superior padding for amazing exterior protection while sparring. This glove features a cutting edge design that represents the future of all boxing gloves. Always imitated, never duplicated.

Triumph United Tiger 1 Boxing Gloves – Joker

  • Made in Thailand
  • Slim design for precision striking
  • Padded wrists are great for blocking strikes and kicks
  • Lined interior repels water
  • Vented palms and thumb
  • Embossed Triumph United Tiger graphics and seal
  • Fully adjustable wrist strap with Triumph United patch


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