Our Gracie Jiu Jitsu competition team and training focus a lot on conditioning, drilling, and learning the points system, as well the life style of the competitor. This is where the real fun begins with lots of break down of video and techniques of why to do certain moves or positions ,and be able to take full advantage of the competition points and system.. Attempting to submit your opponent is the main goal with points as a secondary concern. You will be informed of how tournaments differ in rules and points and be able to decide which tournament best suits your jiu jitsu “game”! Once on the team you need to keep your spot, as you will be able to achieve sponsorship for tournaments, Kimono’s, training, and clothing, as well as being marketed.  Currently teaching classes are for IBJJF pan american and World champions, as well as UFC trainier’s and coaches for ranked boxer’s and Muay Thai fighter’s. Some notables are Coach Billy Schiebe who trains Tony “EL Cuccuy” Ferguson, John Shultes trainer of Muay Thai Fighter Selena Flores, and Nick Stefan trainer of UFC heavyweight Travis Browne and Brody farber to name just a few of the top Athletes that have graced Gracie Jiu Jitsu Carlsbad and Faction Martial Arts.


Ours Classes are done in a very controlled environment,
where safety always comes first.

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